Lester D. Bibler Award 

The Lester D. Bibler Award is given to an Active member of the Academy who, through long-term dedication and leadership, has furthered the development of family medicine in the state of Indiana. The award was developed and named in honor of Lester D. Bibler, MD. Dr. Bibler was instrumental in the organization and establishment of the American Academy of Family Physicians (known then as the American Academy of General Practice) and served as the first president of the Indiana Academy of Family Physicians in 1949-50. The recipients of this award are considered to be persons of long-term dedication to and leadership in family medicine.

Past Winners

Frederic L. Schoen, MD
Otis Bowen, MD
Wilson L. Dalton, MD
M.O. Scamahorn, MD
Frank Green, MD
Charles Alvery, MD
Donald Foy, MD
A. Alan Fischer, MD
Deborah Allen, MD
Phyllis Grant, MD
Kenneth Bobb, MD
Edward Langston, MD
Charles Hachmeister, MD
David Hadley, MD
George Underwood, MD
Raymond W. Nicholson, Jr., MD
Clarence “Bud” Clarkson, MD
William Carter, MD
Jack Higgins, MD
Fredrick Ridge, MD
John L. Haste, MD
Thomas A. Jones, MD
Judith A. Monroe, MD
Thomas Felger, MD
Thomas Kintanar, MD
Bernard Emkes, MD
Richard Feldman, MD
Richard Kiovsky, MD
Kenneth Elek, MD
Kevin Gebke, MD
Shane Avery, MD
Randall Stevens, MD
H. Clifton Knight, MD