Commissions & Committees

Commission on Education & CME

Standing Committee | Chair: Thomas A. Kintanar, MD, FAAFP (Fort Wayne) | Staff: Chris Barry

The commission is responsible for planning the educational program for the IAFP Annual Convention and other live CME events including selecting topics, development of learning objectives and selection and invitation of speakers. The commission also has the authority and oversight for the AAFP accreditation process for Indiana programs and all IAFP sponsored and produced CME, including compliance with rules and regulations set by the AAFP and other CME regulatory bodies. The commission is responsible for exploring future directions and innovative concepts in CME and making recommendations regarding the future of IAFP CME programming, and the commission will propose policies to the IAFP Board of Directors in matters of continuing medical education for submission to the AAFP.

Commission on Health Care Services

Ad Hoc Committee | Chair: Vacant | Staff: Cole Speer

The functions of this commission are to: (1) Monitor, analyze and propose policies to influence the social and economics (socioeconomic) health care environment and to determine the impact on family physicians and their patients; (2) Serve as a source for gathering, evaluating and disseminating health care socioeconomics information; (3) Develop appropriate responses to assist family physicians in understanding and adapting to a changing practice environment; (4) Recommend IAFP policies and public positions to the Board in the following areas of Concern: (a)Family Physicians; reimbursement and compensations; (b) Organization and management of practice; (c) Health care financing and delivery systems. The commission shall also: (1) Study and develop recommendations and programs to assist family physicians in pursuing their full scope of practice in health care delivery systems, hospitals and other practice settings; (2) Provide members, hospitals and other health care organizations with information and assistance regarding credentialing and privileging reappointment, quality improvement, professional relationships, and departmental and other organizations issues; and (3) Monitor and analyze new and existing quality improvement programs for healthcare, and provide the family physicians’ perspective to professional, private and governmental organizations concerned with such programs.

Commission on Membership & Communications

Standing Committee | Chair: Nicole Boersma, MD, FAAFP (Greensburg) | Staff: Emily Bohannon

The functions of this commission shall be: (1) Initiating and coordinating membership services made available through the Academy; (2) Administering all awards of the IAFP. (3) Recommending communications activities that support IAFP objectives by: (a) Educating the citizens of Indiana about family practice and health issues; (b) Promoting family practice objectives in all policy arenas; (c) Assisting members in promoting their health care services to their communities and (d) Promoting IAFP as a membership organization of value for family physicians.

Commission on Legislation & Governmental Affairs

 Ad Hoc Committee | Chair: Richard Feldman, MD, FAAFP (Indianapolis) | Staff: Cole Speer

The functions of this commission are (1) to investigate and recommend such action to the IAFP Board of Directors as maybe be necessary to assure adequate representation for the family physicians in medical and political groups, (2) to conduct such a campaign of public enlightenment or education as it may deem advisable, (3) to furnish members of the Indiana State Legislature and other public officials with pertinent facts and information that they may better maintain high standards of health care, (4) to recommend to the Board any policies or actions which the Academy may formulate or performance for the general improvement in medical care.

Research Day Committee 

Standing Committee | Chair: Gerald Morris, MD (South Bend) | Staff: Chris Barry

The IAFP’s Research Day Committee is responsible for planning the IAFP’s annual Research Day event, during which family physicians present Original Research and Performance Improvement projects, as well as case reports of relevance to a family medicine audience. The committee currently consists of IAFP members employed as residency program faculty from across the state. Additional residency program faculty and Academy leaders assist with abstract judging and the judging of live presentations on Research Day.