Legislative Priorities

The legislative priorities of the Indiana Academy of Family Physicians are recommended each year by the IAFP Commission on Legislation and approved by the Board of Directors. 2023 Bill Tracking List

Family Physician Shortage

Just at a time when America needs more family physicians we see relatively few medical students choosing this specialty and family physicians leaving the workforce earlier. During each legislative session the IAFP works to maintain family medicine residency funding, and advocates for higher Medicaid, Medicare, and insurance payments for family physicians. The IAFP has a long history of promoting careers in family medicine.

Scope of Practice

The IAFP works to ensure that other health professionals’ scope of practice does not exceed their training. We commonly see expansions sought by advance practice registered nurses, physician assistants, physical therapists, and pharmacists in Indiana. The IAFP believes in a team approach to medical care led by a physician. We also support appropriate verbal identification of the type of health professional in the clinical setting, badging, and non-misleading marketing of health-care professionals so it is clear to patients who exactly is providing their care. The IAFP also works to protect the scope of practice of family physicians including securing their ability to do obstetrics and certain surgical procedures.

Smokefree Workplaces and Tobacco Taxation

The IAFP supports comprehensive and effective public policy measures that prevent and reduce smoking, vaping, and other tobacco use in the state, especially among youth. We support funding the Indiana Department of Health’s tobacco use control program at the level recommended by the CDC; increasing the state tobacco taxes; and creation of statutes and ordinances that promote smoke-free environments.

Good Public Health Policy

The IAFP supports good public health policies which encourage healthy lifestyles; childhood, adolescent, and adult vaccination; maternal-child health; full range of women’s health and reproductive services including contraception, and expansion of health insurance coverage just to name a few. We support legislation that discourages opioid and other forms of substance abuse.

The Contemporary Challenges in Practicing Medicine

The practice of medicine for family physicians and other providers has become very burdensome, time-intensive, and complicated, especially with the corporatization of health care and the employed status of the vast majority of primary care physicians. Examples include the increasing corporate demands for productivity and the insurance industry’s prior approval system that unreasonably causes denials, interruptions, and delays in patient care. The IAFP supports policy development for appropriate practice changes that promotes enhanced physician practice and quality care for patients.