IAFP Foundation Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the IAFP Foundation. Board members serve one or three year terms, depending on whether they are appointed or elected.

Chairman: Windel Stracener, MD, FAAFP (Richmond) 
Vice Chairman: Risheet Patel, MD (Indianapolis) 
Treasurer: Jason Marker, MD, MPA, FAAFP (Mishawaka) 
Trustee (At-Large): Nykki Boersma, MD, FAAFP (Greensburg)
Trustee (Board): Richard Feldman, MD, FAAFP (Indianapolis) 
Trustee (Board): Teresa Lovins, MD, FAAFP (Columbus) 
Trustee (At-Large): Scott Renshaw, MD (Indianapolis) 
Trustee (Board): Bernard Richard, MD, FAAFP (Greenfield) 
Trustee (At-Large): Jason White, MD (Indianapolis) 
IAFP President: Juan Carlos Venis, MD, MPH, FAAFP (Indianapolis) 
Resident Region Director: Zev Allen, MD (Muncie) 
Resident Region Alternate Director: Zachary Britstone, MD (Jasper) 
Student Region Director: Adaline Heitz (Indiana University)  
Student Region Alternate Director: Kinsey Bromm (Indiana University)

Inquiries about the Board of Trustees or the IAFP Foundation may be directed to Missy Lewis Deeter, Deputy EVP.