Jackie Schilling Certificate of Commendation 

The Jackie Schilling Certificate of Commendation was established to recognize non-physicians who have been deemed to contribute, in a distinguished manner, to the advancement of family medicine in the state of Indiana. The recipients of the award are considered to be persons of repute in many fields, including medical education, government, the arts and journalism. In 1999 the award was named after past IAFP Executive Vice President Jackie Schilling. 

Past Winners

Sen Charles Bosma
Robert J Amick, ISMA field representative
Senator Robert Garton
Pfizer Laboratories
Eli Lilly & Company
Dr. Emerson Niswander
Kenneth Bobb
Dan Ent, CPA
Ann Craft
Susan Headden
Sen Patricia Miller
Kenneth R. Sauer, PhD
Stephen P. Bogdewic, PhD
Att Gen Jeffery A. Modisett
Deeda Ferree
Carolyn Hein, MD
Kevin P. Speer, JD
Sen Connie Lawson
Rep Jerry Denbo
Stephen Bogdewic, PhD
Karla Sneegas, MPH
Terrell Zollinger, DrPH, MSPH
Matthew Holley, PhD
Jennifer Taylor, DHed, MPH