Family Physician of the Year Award

The purpose of the award is to identify and honor a physician each year that exemplifies the tradition of the family physician and the contribution of one family physician to the continuing good health of the citizens of Indiana.

Eligible candidates for this award must:

  1. have maintained membership in good standing with IAFP and AAFP;
  2. have been in practice for at least 10 years;
  3. spend at least 50% of his/her time in patient care;
  4. provide his/her patients with compassionate, comprehensive, and caring family medicine on a continuing basis;
  5. be directly and effectively involved in community affairs and activities that enhance the quality of his/her community;
  6. be a credible role model professionally and personally to his/her community, to other health professionals, and residents and medical students;
  7. be able to effectively represent the specialty of family medicine and the IAFP and AAFP in a public forum;
  8. be in good standing in his/her medical community.

The individual physician selected as Family Physician of the Year will serve as Indiana’s nominee for the AAFP Family Physician of the Year Award for the following year.

Past Winners

David Spaulding, MD
James A. Ray, MD
Jack W. Higgins, MD
Marvin E. Priddy, MD
John Records, MD
John L. Haste, MD
Frederick R. Ridge, MD
Daniel P. Rains, MD
Scott Green, MD
David Rosentrater, MD
Emil Balasandiran, MD
Kenneth A. Black, MD
Jonathan P. Gentile, MD
Donald M. Phillips, MD
Howard C. Deitsch, MD
Richard Beardsley, MD
Alan Bercovitz, MD
Daniel A. Walters, MD
Mark Souder, MD
Bob Clutter, MD
Randall Suttor, MD
Cynthia Heckman-Davis, MD
William Cooke, MD
Barry A. Mathison, MD