Distinguished Public Service Award

The Distinguished Public Service Award is to be presented to members in good standing who have distinguished him/herself providing a community or public service. The service for which this award is bestowed should have been performed on a voluntary and uncompensated basis and should have benefited the community in an exceptional way. Service must be entirely separate from the candidate’s job responsibility.

Past Winners

James Johnson, MD
George Keenan, MD
The Paoli Comprehensive Group: Drs. Graber, Mosemann, Nofziger, and Lehman
Raymond W. Nicholson, Jr., MD
William Webb, MD
Glenn Speckman, MD
Elmer Zweig, MD
Teresa Beckman, MD
Matias Vega, MD
Kenneth Bobb, MD
Richard Feldman, MD
Thomas Mason, MD
Roy Hunteman, MD
Glenn Loomis, MD
Richard Huber, MD
Louis L. Winternheimer, MD
Javier Sevilla-Martir, MD
Ruben Hernandez, MD
Daniela Lobo, MD