A. Alan Fischer Award 

Established in 1984, the IAFP’s A. Alan Fischer Award is designed to “recognize persons who in the opinion of the Board of Directors of the IAFP have made outstanding contributions to education for family medicine, in undergraduate, graduate and continuing education spheres.” The award was named in honor of Dr. Alan Fischer, a long-time member of the IAFP who actively served both the Indiana Chapter and AAFP. Dr. Fischer established the Department of Family Medicine (Practice) at Indiana University School of Medicine and the I.U. Family Medicine (Practice) Residency Program. The recipients of this award are all considered to be persons who have significantly contributed to family medicine education.

Past Winners

Jerry Stucky, MD
Irving Cohen, MD
Raymond W. Nicholson, Jr., MD
Richard Kiovsky, MD
Richard D. Feldman, MD
Worthe S. Holt, Jr., MD
Ernest B. Jankowski, MD
Judith A. Monroe, MD
James Buechler, MD
David Harsh, MD
Robert Riley, MD
Brenda S. O’Hara, MD
Theodore Neumann, MD
Cathy A. Bryant, MD
Heidi Harris, MD
H. Clifton Knight, MD
Curt R. Ward, MD
Peter Nalin, MD
Patrick Connerly, MD
Maria Fletcher, MD
Edward Langston, MD
Carrie Anderson, MD
Amy LaHood, MD
Scott Renshaw, MD
Kevin Gebke, MD
Tricia Hern, MD
Stewart Brown, MD
Robert Ehresman, MD
Kim Volz, MD